Nestled in Nishi-Azabu in Tokyo, La Bombance has been serving “New Japanese Cuisine” since 2004. It became the restaurant of choice for celebrity patrons in Tokyo over the years, including Ken Watanabe and Hidetoshi Nakata. In the early Summer of 2016, La Bombance opened its first outlet in Hong Kong at the new iconic building – V Point in Causeway Bay, where guests can enjoy the spectacular Victoria Harbour view as part of the dining experience.

Japanese Owner Chef Makoto Okamoto has a unique and avant-garde sense of culinary style, by integrating the essence of French cuisine and culinary practices of other countries into traditional Japanese cuisine. When he opened La Bombance in Nishi-Azabu in 2004, it shook up the culinary scene in Japan, as it has been awarded the Michelin Star recognition for eight consecutive years. Chef Okamoto’s culinary philosophy is: “Building on a solid foundation of fundamental skills, any variations must be incorporated into it to achieve a balance, the ultimate principle is that the food must be delicious.”  

La Bombance in Tokyo is similar to its Hong Kong counterpart, in that both mainly serves set menu. From the exquisite tableware to the ingredients that primarily come from Japan, the menu is designed to reflect the seasonality factor. The tableware and laquerware collections are specially ordered from Japan, including Japanese cutlery and Western-style tableware, thus epitomizing the marriage of Japanese and Western aesthetics.

Chef Okamoto stressed that it is important for the food to be delicious, but at the same time, it is imperative for the patrons to feel happy and satisfied. In order for the chefs to better communicate with the customers, the restaurant in Hong Kong has put in substantial efforts in its design. Right past the stylish “B” lightbox at the entrance is a lighted path, like something one would find in a small alley in Koyto. Next is the Japanese-style light wood-colored main dining area, where a long bar table made of white wood is placed for the chefs to prepare sushi or matcha a la minute in front of the guests.