Makoto Okamoto


Born in Nagaoka City of the Niigata Prefecture in 1973.

Chef Okamoto’s father runs a sushi restaurant in Nagaoka City, which shaped his interest in the culinary world as he grew up. He started his culinary training in Tokyo upon graduation from high school. He first had his internship at Kamogawa Japanese restaurant in Hibiya, followed by working in the New Hankyu Hotel in Tokyo and the restaurants under the group. He also had the experience of working in a French-style teppanyaki restaurant, where he has gained extensive knowledge in French cuisine. Out of all the experiences, his tenure at the world-renowned “Fukudaya” Japanese restaurant has influenced him the most, this restaurant is the official choice for a lot of dignitaries including Japan’s prime minister and the leaders of China and the United States.

Opened La Bombance in Nishi-Azabu in 2004.

Chef Okamoto’s work is to collaborate with the various season-specific ingredients, as he believes that it is very important to “communicate” with the ingredients and to fully understand their characteristics. This passion for food comprises an essential element – gratitude.

Leveraging on what he has learned in the past at the quintessential Japanese restaurants, and his knowledge on French cuisine, the cuisine served at La Bombance is a unique “New Japanese Cuisine” incorporating the essence of Western cuisine into Japanese cuisine. Chef Okamoto is extremely particular on the temperature of the food, “Hot food needs to be hot and cold food needs to be served cold”, it is a basic requirement of a dish. Coupled with his genuine care for the guests’ needs, Chef Okamoto is constantly refining his skills and elevating his status in the culinary world.