National Day Firework Kaiseki Menu


Check out our Natoinal Day Fireworks Special which is only available on 1 October 2017! 
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National Day Firework Kaiseki Menu

Sakizuke           Homemade walnut tofu topped with Hokkaido kegani, 

                           and wasabi sauce

Wanmono        Simmered abalone and kuruma shrimp dumpling served with

                           Shimanto seaweed in Hamaguri clam dashi

Mukozuke        Japanese spiny lobster, sea bream, otoro

                            Chutoro sushi, salmon roe sushi

Onmono           Steamed hot egg custard served with pan-seared foie gras

                          and assorted Japanese mushroom sauce

Yakimono         Charcoal grilled tilefish with red mullet roe,

                           served with sudachi and sautéed Japanese chili leaves

Shiizakana        Kagoshima wagyu beef sirloin in Sukiyaki style,

  served with Matsutake mushroom, seasonal vegetables, 

  onsen egg sauce and truffle

Syokuji             Steamed rice served with grilled eel and nori seaweed

                         in a Kama pot

Mizumono       Nagano Kyoho grape mochi, B & W



HK$1,980 per person
* 10% service charge applies